Monday, 14 January 2013

Forward Observer Episode 7

Oh my god! You thought it would never happen. But it did! Yeah! We should all you non-believers and nay-sayers! But yeah, finally another episode is done, it's here and you will hopefully like it!

In this episode we talk to Damien about the Total Reaction tournament and its set up which just ran this weekend past. We also look at the latest releases including the Raicho (Raicho, Raicho MAN! I want to be, a Raicho Man!)

Episode 7

 And look! Here's a pic of them all standing around together!

Photo: Infinity Releases December2012
Novedades de Infinity Diciembre 2012

We also have a bit of a chat about our experiences with the campaign system so far.

Following up from that there's a talk about TAGs in our tactics segment and finally wrapping things up with a look at Pan O.

Hope it's worth the wait.



  1. Yay!! thanks guys been checking most days since Nov for this to come out. Off to listen now. :D

  2. Heads up fellas;

    A little bit of misinformation was mentioned in your TAG: Tactics.

    TAGS and REMS cannot climb unless they have climbing plus listed as one of their skills/attributes.


  3. Really enjoyed this episode guys thanks!! :)

    Also of note is that the guests added a lot this episode, perhaps it was because Noakesy wasn't there, hehe (missed him all the same though).

    Hope the competition goes well, you must have put a lot of work in for 30 people to attend (as my maths work that out to be 240 sqr/ft of terrain!!! ouch). would love to see some pictures up when its complete, as I am really jealous!!! just wished guys like you lived in the UK, hehe.

    Keep it up


  4. P.s. Would like some links to the terrain guy and his set-up of his lived-in terrain!! sounds awesome. :)

    1. Some photos of some of the terrain can be found on Page 3 of this thread on the WargamerAU forums: See the second last picture for a good shot of the New Bourak table!


    2. That is some seriously good terrain. Very envious of it indeed!

  5. what no copy of the lists? ahh guess I will have to listen to your amazing podcast again *sigh* don't think I can't see through your scheme's....

  6. Hey guys, really like the show, I've got you stuck on my RSS reader if you ever continue. *hint hint*