Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Painting Tute 2 OSL

I am working on my second remote and thought I would explain as to how I paint the coloured lighting on my miniatures. When there is a element on a miniature that is supposed to illuminate light, we want to emphasis that light source with contrasts of shadow and highlights in the areas where the light would fall or beam too.

The colour I am using for this tutorial is red, but please feel free to apply the same technique with alternate colours as the principles are the same.

Here are my colours on the palette. I am using red ink as my primary colour as it has a very strong pigment and due to it’s consistency will flow nicely when applying it to the model. The other colours I will use are the Stonewall grey and white. Please use alternate brands if you do not access to the Vallejo paints used here.

Here is the miniature that I am in the process of painting at the moment, and I will now look to paint the round depressed part of the model using my red mix.

Just mix each of the grey and white into the corner of the red ink so that you have a good contrast of tones in your mix. This is just an easy way of seeing the different tones of the colours you are going to use, and also a way when blending to go back and reusing different tones of colour if needed during the process.

Now taking the pure red ink on our size #1 or #2 brush, we apply that to the area of the model as shown on the next picture. Leave that to dry for a minute or two and reapply a second coat and leave to dry again.

Now we are going to take a mix of the red ink and the grey paint and apply that to the bottom half of the circular section. If need be you may need to apply a second coat if the first coat is too transparent.

Now we apply more of the grey to make our mix lighter and do the same process as above but this time we only paint it onto a smaller section of the bottom lip of our light. I have also painted a small circular line at the top of the very centre part where the light is emitted from. I also added a small dot of the same mix to the bottom of that centre circle.

Now adding some white to the mix we can concentrate on the highlighted areas of the light source. We will follow the same technique as before but apply a smaller area of the lighter mix to the very centre of the bottom lip. I applied another pure red ink to the very top of the circular section to build up more contrast between the light and shade of the light.

I have now gone ahead and added a mid tone mix and blended it in on the side of the bottom lip to give the effect of a ray or beam of reflected light. You don’t have to go this extra step but if you feel like it then please try it. You can always go and fix it up with the mixes on your palette.

So there you have it guys, I hope I have explained a simple way to make things shine on your minis with this tutorial. If you have any suggestions or comments them please leave them in the comment section and I will endeavour to address them for you.



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