Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Forward Observer Episode 6

 Episode 6 ! In this episode we talk about the new release models for October, including the fantastic new box set for Aleph, the amazing new crusader brethren and the surprise stand out (crazy good value wise) the batroid! We then talk tactics - Hacking and give an in depth review on all the tomfoolery and shenanigans you can get up to on the table when you decide to give hacking a go. Then in our new segment "back to basics" we go over close combat, an often overlooked and sometimes confusing aspect of the game. Finally in our faction focus we review Combined Army, and give a 200 point starter list, and a 300 point list that has all the tricks!

Episode 6 can be found right here! Episode 6

The releases for this month!

Hey look! Lists! As always import codes for the devil team builder are included as well as printer friendly xps versions.

200 Point list
import code: eNozNVQ1NFUzUjOsMTJVMwRR5mrGQMpQzQCJBEkYm4I4APybCmc=

300 Point list  *(Note that there is a Batroid absent in the XML and the devil team import code list)*
import code: eNozNVQ1NFQzVTOsMbRUMwBSRuZqxgjK2EjNECQHljIEs42g6sAUALXuDck=


  1. Superb! Enjoyed the hacking discussion a lot, as its one of my fave parts of the game. Definitely picked up some tips on the EVOs lesser known buffs, so thanks gents.

    Great show! Keep it up.

  2. Guys
    It was definitely the funniest episode ever:)
    CC section and CA intro made me laugh for a whole day:)

  3. Hey guys--just wanted to say how much I'm enjoying the podcast... The mix of basic and more advanced tactics has been really great for a new player like me... I'm still forgetting to use basic skills like cautious move, and taking all my actions in sequence (like I move to this point, then stop and fire for my second action)... But I'm getting better, and just hearing the thinking behind the tactics people are playing has been eye-opening!

    Also thought you'd be interested to see what happens if you make a typo on the "blogspot" part of your http...

  4. Hey guys, I did email my logo concepts for the comp. Just wanna make sure you received them!