Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Painting Tute 2 OSL

I am working on my second remote and thought I would explain as to how I paint the coloured lighting on my miniatures. When there is a element on a miniature that is supposed to illuminate light, we want to emphasis that light source with contrasts of shadow and highlights in the areas where the light would fall or beam too.

Friday, 9 November 2012

Paradiso Mission101 Battle Report

With the new book release we thought it would be the perfect time for our first battle report. So to this end we again drafted Yoshi in (mostly so we could shamelessly get pictures of his pretty minis and club's terrain), for a quick play through of the first mission. The Game was played between Josh(yoshi) using his Pan O, and Simon using Josh's Japanese Sectorial and the write up was done by Andrew  English Lewis. So a massive thanks to all those guys! - Noakes

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Forward Observer Episode 6

 Episode 6 ! In this episode we talk about the new release models for October, including the fantastic new box set for Aleph, the amazing new crusader brethren and the surprise stand out (crazy good value wise) the batroid! We then talk tactics - Hacking and give an in depth review on all the tomfoolery and shenanigans you can get up to on the table when you decide to give hacking a go. Then in our new segment "back to basics" we go over close combat, an often overlooked and sometimes confusing aspect of the game. Finally in our faction focus we review Combined Army, and give a 200 point starter list, and a 300 point list that has all the tricks!

Monday, 29 October 2012

Guest Painting Tutorial - 1 Shading

   So painting is a pretty massive part of this hobby everyone would agree, but you cant really talk shop in regards to painting on a podcast. It just doesn't work without the visual aspect for obvious reasons (other podcasts have tried and failed however). But because we didn't want to ignore what is a pretty fundamental aspect of Infinity we decided to put painting articles up here independent from the podcast episodes themselves. Secondly, because any tips we could give would be mediocre at best we drafted in one of Australia's best painters Yoshi to do the guest articles.  
   You can find his work over at http://yoshinto74.blogspot.com.au/ So go check it out! (incidentally he's also the guy who painted the Achilles for our competition prize, so you should all get onto that as well)

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Exclusive Australian Preview

Hey guys and gals,

   An exclusive leak for you all from the wonderful guys at Corvus and your favourite Infinity podcast in the Southern Hemisphere!
   This is a preview of the logo for one of the battle-fronts on Paradiso for the Pan Oceania regiments. Just to specify, this is not a troop logo, but a logo for the whole front. And for those of you not in the Infinity Australia Facebook group, this logo is taken from the logo for our FB group. Awesome work Corvus, you guys rock!

The logo design based on the Australian Infinity Group

The Pan - O combat groups present on Paradiso for the duration of the campaign
    Exciting stuff! and not long now until the book hits! so hopefully we'll be able to bring you some more interesting insights in the mean time.

   And don't forget, a painted achilles is up for grabs, just like us on facebook and submit a logo design for our podcast!

Friday, 19 October 2012

Forward Observer Episode 5

Episode 5 ! In this episode we talk about the new rules release in preparation for the Paradiso campaign book, more specifically some funny uses for jammers and  how amazing the new E-Marats are! Then we go in depth on Airborne Deployment in all its flavours in our tactics focus. In our faction highlight we finally talk about the best faction there is (in Noakes' opinion) Yu Jing. And finally we announce a contest that can score you a painted (not by us, by someone who can paint!) Achilles! just in time for the new Greek sectorial!.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Forward Observer Episode 4

Episode 4! In this episode we discuss the September  releases, specifically how much Paul likes the new Tohaa diplomat... Then in our tactics section we focus on mines in all their forms. In the second half of the show we discuss the recent tournament in Melbourne, Australia's largest to date, and one of the worlds largest so far, what goes into running an infinity tournament, and tips for people thinking about trying their hand at it in their own Infinity scene. Then finally in our faction focus we discuss Aleph and some of their shenanigans!

Friday, 21 September 2012

Forward Observer Episode 3

 Episode 3 is out ! A week early no less! so that between us and the American Infinity Podcast you'll have a Podcast every week!

  This episode we take a brief look at the weapons sprue's that come with the Spec Ops figures. We then Focus on the new faction the Tohaa, take a look at their background, their miniatures and their playstyle. Then in our new tactics section we focus on snipers, how to use them and how to counter them.
   Then in the second half of the episode we get in resident terrain guru Colin to give us some tips and tricks on making terrain and hopefully saving some cash in the process. We use his latest project, an amazing Haqqislam table (pictured below) as our main example, so check out the pictures!  Finally we focus on Haqqislam in our faction focus, and talk about how to build a starter list to 200 points, then we take a look at a 300 point list that incorporates a lot of the Haqq strengths.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Forward Observer Episode 2

Episode 2 ! In this episode we discuss the August releases. We also discuss in some depth the Fan made mission systems of TAOS and YAMS, and how they can make your games much more tactical and enjoyable, as well as forcing you to change your list selection to a much more balanced list. Then in our faction review we discuss Ariadna! how to build from the starter box to 200 and 250 point sizes, and finally we discuss a 300 point list that takes all the strengths of the vanilla Ariadna and rolls them into 1 superagressive-cammo-superjumpy-autocannoning list of doom!

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Hey guys,

Paul here just to let you know that the new episode should be out on this Friday 14/09/2012! We'll be having a look at the YAMS & TAOS systems, the new spec ops figs and also an overview of Ariadna as well!

More importantly than listening to me (and that's VERY important) is the announcement that we'll be doing ANOTHER episode the following week on 21/09/2012! Yes, we'll be changing our release dates! This is so that you lucky guys can have a new Infinity podcast EVERY week between our awesomeness and the likewise awesome American Infinity podcast 0-12! New stuff each week? God damn I must be awesome! So much awesome do I have!

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Forward Observer hits iTunes. (or how we made itunes our bitch)

Because we care, Forward Observer can now be found on iTunes. Now it's even easier to listen to your favourite infinity podcast while on the run, on your dull commute, maybe go wild and listen to it while playing a game.

Don't think that it's a replacement for this blog though. It will still be constantly updated, each episode will have show notes, links, and other non-aural information. Click these links if you missed episode zero or one's notes (they're also the posts RIGHT before this one...).

And that's not even getting into the non-podcast-y stuff that's on the horizon.

Remember you can contact us with any questions, feedback, suggestions, and the like that you have. We really appreciate it.

Last but not least, shoutout to Pete who has helped with the behind the scenes sorcerery.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Forward Obsever Episode 1

Woo! episode 1 ! In this episode we discuss the July infinity releases, and how overpowered I feel a certain one will be, we also discuss a couple of rules people always forget or get wrong. Then we go into an in depth faction review on the Nomads, where to look if you're just starting out, how to build and expand the force and finally how to build a Nomad list that will instantly lose you friends and make sure you never get a game again (unless you're Paul and still can't win a game).

The Intro to Infinity and us Episode

Well guys! It's finally here, the first Australian infinity podcast! This is our intro episode where we ramble on (and on) about who you're listening to and how we got into infinity. More importantly we also talk (in length ) about all the basics of the infinity background and gameplay, and what makes this the best game out there!

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Forward Observer Podcast - The Australian Infinity Podcast

Welcome to the Forward observer Podcast blog page, we'll be using this page to update everyone on the latest podcasts as well as linking pictures and any other stuff we talk about in episodes here. So follow us here or if you cant or don't want to do that, follow us on facebook at  http://www.facebook.com/ForwardObserverPodcast which we'll be updating at the same time.

You can look forward to a new episode every 2 weeks, unless we decide we have more to talk about than usual, which is entirely possible! And definitely don't hesitate to ask questions or raise topics you'd like us to address in an episode, we'd love to hear feedback from the community!

cheers ! - Noakes

Just thought I'd jump on and throw in my 2 cents worth as well. Welcome aboard everyone!

One thing I was thinking of putting in here that is harder to talk about on the podcast is examples for making terrain and pics for some basing/ painting tips. Visual examples are pretty and all that...

Stay rad. Porl