Friday, 21 September 2012

Forward Observer Episode 3

 Episode 3 is out ! A week early no less! so that between us and the American Infinity Podcast you'll have a Podcast every week!

  This episode we take a brief look at the weapons sprue's that come with the Spec Ops figures. We then Focus on the new faction the Tohaa, take a look at their background, their miniatures and their playstyle. Then in our new tactics section we focus on snipers, how to use them and how to counter them.
   Then in the second half of the episode we get in resident terrain guru Colin to give us some tips and tricks on making terrain and hopefully saving some cash in the process. We use his latest project, an amazing Haqqislam table (pictured below) as our main example, so check out the pictures!  Finally we focus on Haqqislam in our faction focus, and talk about how to build a starter list to 200 points, then we take a look at a 300 point list that incorporates a lot of the Haqq strengths.

Forward Observer Episode 3

The Haqqislam Spec Ops weapon sprue

The Tohaa starter box

left to right : Kamael, Sakeil, Kameal, Ectros, Clipsos, lastly another Kameal

Sniper Rifles from the infinity wiki

Colins Haqqislam Table

The board mid build, you can see the canals cut into the foam and the fact that the board is divided up into 8 tiles.

Obligatory list links listed below (devil team link).

200 point list
import link: eNozMVQ1VTNQM6wxVbMAk6ZA0lDNEESaqBmBKEsIDypoDKaMjcGaIBQAA2wO7Q==

300 point list


  1. Thats a pretty awesome looking table.

  2. man it sure is hey! whats worse is the fact that Colin bust it out in like a couple months, and how easy he made it look, that's what we were trying to get into with our chat, how to do this kind of thing but do it cheap and easy and still come up with these results. Hoping we'll be able to do more terrain stuff soon.

  3. Hi Guys
    Great show. Love to listen to it while I'm riding the bus to work.
    Got one thing to point out - be careful when talking about the rules as you happen to say that Viral ammunition does not stop the Dogface to change into Dog Warrior - that it's just a fluff.
    Well it isn't just a fluff:

    Viral Ammunition ignores Immunity (Total and Shock), Valor L2: Dogged and Valor L3: No Wound Incapacitation Special Skills. As a collateral effect, this Special Ammunition prevents biological beings using the Transmutation Special Skill for the rest of the battle once they are wounded. Cover rules are applied as usual to Viral Ammunition attacks.

  4. yup we looked it up and I told paul repeatedly that I was right =P i think we address it briefly in the next episode when talking about viral mines! As a rule, everything paul says is wrong and everything I say is right, so keep that in mind when listening =P