Saturday, 1 September 2012

Forward Obsever Episode 1

Woo! episode 1 ! In this episode we discuss the July infinity releases, and how overpowered I feel a certain one will be, we also discuss a couple of rules people always forget or get wrong. Then we go into an in depth faction review on the Nomads, where to look if you're just starting out, how to build and expand the force and finally how to build a Nomad list that will instantly lose you friends and make sure you never get a game again (unless you're Paul and still can't win a game).

The direct link to Ep 1 can be found here:

Episode 1

The Second wave July releases :

These are the Nomads lists if you wanted to see what makes up the figures in them too!

Import codes for the devil team builder are below (as well as links to printable versions of the lists) have been added.

200 point list
import code: eNozMFQ1VDNQM6xBJo3ApCmUNAaSZmomIFmoIlM1MzVDAHOADLY=

250 point list

300 point list

Cheers, Porl


  1. Got to say great work guys. really enjoyed listening to that. Pushed me to finally start nomads too.

  2. thanks mate! glad the nomad stuff came in handy, though potentially we should have given a disclaimer around that last list =P its a bit dirty in our experience! if theres anything else you'd like us to talk about just ask!

  3. Ooof. Last list is dirty indeed. Shame I do have the models to pull it off :)

    On another note, any chance of a 'follow' function so i can add you guys to my blog roll?

  4. very good chance! i'll get to work working out how to make that happen mate!

  5. You guys are aware that the 250 list is illegal, right? It lacks the little OK sign because you have 11 guys in 1 combat group

  6. actually in the episode we explain that the masai hunter is in a seperate group by himself and why. The list here just shows the troops in their entirety.

  7. Hi Lads. Great podcats:)
    Got few comments:
    Can you turn the volume up a bit. I'm listening on a smartphone and despite full volume setting on my handheld it's still kinda hard to hear what are you saying:(
    And can you get some sort of table of content 9with minutes) when each section/topic starts.

    I'm almost done with the first, going to to episode 2 today in the evening.


  8. hey mate! yup really sorry about the volume issues we had in the first couple episodes, but it should be sorted now with the last few eps. And i'll try get a table of contents with times up on here this week! good thinking thanks mate!