Friday, 14 September 2012

Forward Observer Episode 2

Episode 2 ! In this episode we discuss the August releases. We also discuss in some depth the Fan made mission systems of TAOS and YAMS, and how they can make your games much more tactical and enjoyable, as well as forcing you to change your list selection to a much more balanced list. Then in our faction review we discuss Ariadna! how to build from the starter box to 200 and 250 point sizes, and finally we discuss a 300 point list that takes all the strengths of the vanilla Ariadna and rolls them into 1 superagressive-cammo-superjumpy-autocannoning list of doom!

Episode 2

August releases, the Spec ops figures for each faction with alternate head options.

The mission systems we discuss in this episode can be downloaded here!

TaOS (Tactical Operating System)

YAMS (yet another mission system)

And lastly, the lists. As always import codes for the devil team builder are included as well as printer friendly xps versions.

import code: eNozNlQ1VDNQM6xBIaGUuZoxiDKAUGZqZkDKyAAsZwEiAZigDUo=

import code: eNo9i7ENwDAQAqcxtYHCrwyVCRjeb0dKw4kTmIMLBlPQn8S6OaHIDUY6wKvH8byqjzoDtldYn6xu3E4dE0U=


  1. Looking forward to it guys, keep up the good work. I'm playing a tournament using YAMs this weekend so will be interesting.

  2. love to hear how it goes mate! how many points? and i assume you're using those amazing nomads of yours?

    1. I will indeed. It's 200pts, and a newbie focused as we try and kick off a bigger community here in Dallas. I'm just planning to have fun and create some Nomad mayhem, stick it to the man.

      That Haqq table is stunning by the way!

  3. Let us know how the tournament goes Lev! And remember, if at first you don't succeed, apply more hackers :-)

  4. I have a 200 pt list based around the starter set but I went with traktor mul, dozer, scout and doctor to complete the list and sold the grey rifle. It's a fun list to play. The traktor mul's can destroy everything if you manage to forward observe.

  5. thats some solid firepower for 200 ! i wish we'd touched on the traktor mul! i love both the varients! i think we'll have to come back and talk about them just based on their pure destructive capabilities! when i run things that rely on forward observing, i like having at least 2 guys capable of doing it on the table, just incase one gets shot early on. But i suppose thats not easy to do at 200 hey