Saturday, 1 September 2012

The Intro to Infinity and us Episode

Well guys! It's finally here, the first Australian infinity podcast! This is our intro episode where we ramble on (and on) about who you're listening to and how we got into infinity. More importantly we also talk (in length ) about all the basics of the infinity background and gameplay, and what makes this the best game out there!

Here's the direct download link.

Intro Episode

For those who asked we will be organising an RSS feed (for your itunes and auto updates) but being inept this is the best we could manage for now. As always we'd love your feedback, questions or ideas on stuff you'd like to hear about!

  As part of the podcast we'll be linking to anything we talk about here on this page, as well as posting any pictures or battle reports, or figures we review or army lists we discuss.
   Cheers everyone! - Noakes

Intro stuff!

The how to play infinity videos created by corvus belli which helped me visualise the rules SO much more than reading the rulebook over and over ever did.

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