Saturday, 6 October 2012

Forward Observer Episode 4

Episode 4! In this episode we discuss the September  releases, specifically how much Paul likes the new Tohaa diplomat... Then in our tactics section we focus on mines in all their forms. In the second half of the show we discuss the recent tournament in Melbourne, Australia's largest to date, and one of the worlds largest so far, what goes into running an infinity tournament, and tips for people thinking about trying their hand at it in their own Infinity scene. Then finally in our faction focus we discuss Aleph and some of their shenanigans!

   Episode 4

Quick contents for this episode:
  • Tactics: Mines - 14:15
  • Tournament discussion and insight with Tristan - 48:05
  • Aleph faction review - 1:17:50

The September Releases

Some pics from the Paradigm Shift Tournament in Melbourne.

For more pics (heaps more!) have a look at these galleries.

Paradigm Shift Gallery

Aleph lists below (devil team link).

200 point list
import link:

300 point list
import link:


  1. Nice episode again. I'm getting addicted to listening to you. Maybe you could share some more dirty tricks and tip (like the one with smoking a linked team and placing mmines between them).
    Can't wait for the next one.


  2. Really loving listening to you guys. Great balance between banter and keeping the discussion on track, and I always learn tons of stuff. Keep up the good work!

    The mine discussion was superb, learnt a lot from that too! Also jealous of the tourney scene you guys have, so lucky!

  3. cheers guys, really stoked you're finding out ramblings entertaining and somewhat useful! I had a chance yesterday to use the fiday smoke minelay trick against a 5 girl link of riot grrls, it worked really well, took out avicenna, and a sin eater as well as 3 wounds on the link team. Love to hear how you guys implement any of our ideas too! or if you have any nasty tricks love to hear those!

    Also Levitas, the best way to get your tourney scene rolling, is just to step up and run a few things, thats basically all we did, ran a few things at the local places, got people interested and that started the ball rolling. We're definitely still in the scene building stage though, so we're trying to have an event every month or 2 somewhere in melb, just to try different formats and build more interest.