Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Exclusive Australian Preview

Hey guys and gals,

   An exclusive leak for you all from the wonderful guys at Corvus and your favourite Infinity podcast in the Southern Hemisphere!
   This is a preview of the logo for one of the battle-fronts on Paradiso for the Pan Oceania regiments. Just to specify, this is not a troop logo, but a logo for the whole front. And for those of you not in the Infinity Australia Facebook group, this logo is taken from the logo for our FB group. Awesome work Corvus, you guys rock!

The logo design based on the Australian Infinity Group

The Pan - O combat groups present on Paradiso for the duration of the campaign
    Exciting stuff! and not long now until the book hits! so hopefully we'll be able to bring you some more interesting insights in the mean time.

   And don't forget, a painted achilles is up for grabs, just like us on facebook and submit a logo design for our podcast!


  1. "I like the shape..." There's a .png with a transparent background too.

  2. That's pretty darn awesome by the Corvus Belli guys!