Friday, 19 October 2012

Forward Observer Episode 5

Episode 5 ! In this episode we talk about the new rules release in preparation for the Paradiso campaign book, more specifically some funny uses for jammers and  how amazing the new E-Marats are! Then we go in depth on Airborne Deployment in all its flavours in our tactics focus. In our faction highlight we finally talk about the best faction there is (in Noakes' opinion) Yu Jing. And finally we announce a contest that can score you a painted (not by us, by someone who can paint!) Achilles! just in time for the new Greek sectorial!.

Episode 5

The Newest rules releases we discuss can be found here!  under  Rules - "new rules- (campaign Paradiso) " and  "New Weapons (campaign Paradiso)"  while the newest troop profiles can be found at the same link under Army Lists - "New Profiles"

New Rules !

If you want to have a read of the finer points of Airborne deployment you can find them on the wiki here :  Airborne Deployment

The lists. As always import codes for the devil team builder are included as well as printer friendly xps versions.

import code: eNozNFQ1VDNQM6yBkeYg0gDCsVAzAlLGYI45lDQEkqYgcQBy/Ay8

import code: eNo9SskNACAIm8a+bYkSd2N4gQdp0ptchgOGsIcpKMU7eHsJtxYiEQav7tXhA+OSDok=

And finally our contest! The prize for which was donated by one of Australia's best painters of infinity minis! You can find his stuff here :Yoshi's Infinity painting blog!

The prize is this amazing Achilles!

holy crap look at this guy!

All you have to do to win is design us a new Forward Observer logo! if we decide yours is the best, you win Achilles! simple as that! The contest will be running until the start of December, and it will be open to everyone, anywhere in the world!

  To enter all you have to do is like us on facebook and then upload your picture to the facebook page! simple!... uploading a penis MAY be  reason to disqualify you (unless Paul takes a fancy to it..)

Good luck everyone!


  1. it was actually posted by me.. all the spelling errors are my fault

  2. Guys

    Can you read the Stun ammunition rules again please.
    Where does it say if a model fails only one BTS roll but have 1 more wound goes into unconscious state?

  3. having read it clearly for myself (rather than letting paul explain his "interpretation" of the rules) looks like you're 100% right and we're 100% wrong, "acts like normal ammo, but wont have any effect on unconscious models" so it will do 1 wound per hit, but cant kill, simple as that. we're just idiots lol. Will definitely sort that out next ep sorry, and good catch mate ! cheers! hopefully the rest of our "interpretations" were closer to the rules!

  4. I'd like to point out the Wu Ming isn't totally "give the violent ones heavy weapons and set them loose."

    The Wu Ming is comprised of violent volunteers and if you survive the service period your name is officially restored and you get a full pardon. So the Wu Ming want to succeed and do good in the name of Yu Jing to get their old life back.