Friday, 9 November 2012

Paradiso Mission101 Battle Report

With the new book release we thought it would be the perfect time for our first battle report. So to this end we again drafted Yoshi in (mostly so we could shamelessly get pictures of his pretty minis and club's terrain), for a quick play through of the first mission. The Game was played between Josh(yoshi) using his Pan O, and Simon using Josh's Japanese Sectorial and the write up was done by Andrew  English Lewis. So a massive thanks to all those guys! - Noakes

300 pt Game

Images of the Lists are after the battle report, as always there are Devil Team builder import codes and XPS printer friendly links.

Pan Oceania: eNozMlQ1UjNSM6wxUTODk6ZqhkDSTM0YSBpagiljA7CYCZgCADlTC6I=

(We may have guessed who was in which group...)

Victory Points
1 VP; Anaylising the Alien Devices
2 VP; Claiming the real Information
2 VP; Transmitting the Information
1 VP; Stopping each Transmission


Having learnt of an important data storage device located deep inside the Niemands Zone, Yu Jing command dispatched a force from the JSA to recover the device and stop any other forces from claiming it.

The Japanese Sectoral Army took the initiative and deployed taking the northern approach to the objectives. JSA infantry deployed in general cover and inside local buildings.

Local operatives in the Niemands zone alerted Pan Oceania command to the movement of the JSA searching the Niemands zone. Upon learning this High Command dispatched Father-Commander De Fersen and a force of Pan Oceania regulars to stop them claiming any objectives. De Fersen and the Pan Oceania forces arrived from the South and took up position in the buildings overlooking the combat zone.
Turn 1;

JSA forces rushed forward quickly coming upon the first alien tech device and analysing it. The first device was discovered to be a dud, but from the useless husk the actual device was located. The JSA mounted division zoomed up to the central device stole the information and quickly escaped into cover.

Reacting to the JSA movements, the Pan Oceania quickly grabbed their own device to analyse, recovering incomplete data. The Swiss Guard led the Pan Oceania vanguard, charging forward under the cover of camouflage, before being discovered and unleashing fire on the opposition. Withering fire from rifle shots and missile fire, the Swiss Guard downed the missile firer. Jumping from cover to cover the Swiss Guard fired twice more on the enemy, taking out two more Keitsousu . (Josh rolled three critical in a row, two being negated by a critical dodge) Then the Swiss Guard jumped forward to claim the data from the central device, the real information.

Josh (PO); 3 VP Simon (JSA); 3VP


Turn Two

Laying down a smoke screen ahead of their infantry the JSA advanced on the Swiss Guard in the centre of the board. The Keitsousu moved up behind the Swiss Guard wounding him, under a hail of reactive fire. The grenade wielding Shinobu then charged the Swiss Guard, and in a blur of blades kills him. (Critically)

Moving to cover the device and its dead owner, the Pan Oceania forces charged forward taking out another Keitsousu, and harrying the opposition into cover. A Hexas broke cover and seized the opportunity to grab the information, failing in an attempt to recover the data from the Swiss Guard.

Josh (PO); 3 VP Simon (JSA); 3 VP

Turn Three

The JSA use their advanced position and a HMG Bot to fire upon the Hexas from atop an apartment building. Solidify their position the JSA attempted to transmit the information, failing multiply times due to the hacking skills of De Fersen and the Pan Oceania forces.

With the unsuccessful attempts at transmitting the information, the Pan Oceania forces capitalised on their enemies’ failure and advanced on the enemy. The Hexas fired upon the Bot on top of the apartment building, destroying it. (With a critical hit) De Fersen shifted forward to the fallen Swiss Guard, recovered the information and prepared to transmit it next turn.

Josh (PO); 3 VP Simon (JSA); 3 VP

Turn Four

Being battered at every turn the JSA, respond with a Karakuri, who positioned itself to fire on De Fersen and Pan Oceania’s only copy of the real information. The Karakuri wounds De Fersen critically taking him out of action. The Shinobu returns to the fray by throwing a smoke grenade and positioning herself to fire on the Hexas.

A Specialist Order Sergeant moves up to the fallen De Fersen to once more recover the information, but comes under fire from the Karakuri. The Sergeant turns and fires on the Karakuri wounding it. A Kamau Hacker runs up the field to retrieve the information from De Fersen, but fails.

With the loss of so many men, both sides recalled their forces; unable to recover the information.

Josh (PO); 3 VP Simon (JSA); 3 VP

Josh (PO); 3 VP Simon (JSA); 3 VP
Written by : Andrew English Lewis


  1. Would you post both force lists?

    1. Images and XPS lists are up, as well as the import codes for the Devil Team army builder.

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  3. Awesome bat rep, beautiful terrain and minis too!

    Going to be playing chapter 1 games tomorrow, can't wait.

    1. take some pics!! and let us know how it goes!